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Pledges made on 20 March 2015 – Protecting Our Children – Grooming, FGM & Honour Based Violence Conference

The following commitments were made as part of Makin Dixon Solicitors Ltd “Protecting Our Children” Conference 2015 to end child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, for girls and women, everywhere, forever.  They support the priorities set out in the Makin Dixon Solicitors Ltd conference 2015.

 If you are interested in adding your name to the Charter or making a commitment, please contact Jeanette Nicholson on jeanette.nicholson@makindixon.co.uk or 01535 605040.


Organisation Pledge
West Yorkshire Police

Review our local processes in dealing with FGM, HBV and implement new protocols if required to ensure we continue to be victim focussed.

  1. Empower/re-train my colleagues and raise awareness of HBV & FGM.
  2. Liaise with partner agencies to ensure we provide the best level of service to our victims, but also moving towards focus on a proactive approach.
  3. To promote the goals highlighted at the Girls Summit, and strive to achieve.

Take this presentation and information and use it to the best of my ability to help people I work with as a counsellor to educate them and support them.

Making choices

Working towards a happier and safer future for all girls and women everywhere. 

Bradford Hospital Trust Continue to learn about all issues discussed today and make sure I act on any of these issues when I come across them.
Home Group – The ACORNS

Continue to support all women and children who need help and support and any issues on forced marriage and any kind of abuse. 

Together Women Project

Continue to support women and their children in all aspects of abuse and concerns.  This will be enhanced by the information & knowledge I’ve gained today.

Places for People

Excellent conference with brilliant experienced and knowledgeable guest speakers.  It was fantastic to see the young people taking an active role in speaking out to their peers and young people nationally.  Remarkable work being done and it is inspiring that we are moving forward in abuse and violence against women. 

Bradford Cyrenians

Safeguard girls and boys, report any abuse.  It is my responsibility to safeguard vulnerable people and try to balance injustice in my community.

Ravenscliffe Community Association Be more aware and if an issue arises take the appropriate action. 

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Disseminate the information and share key messages from today.Be more aware in my daily practice of all the issues discussed today.
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • Include the FGM information shared today in the ambulance service safeguarding training resources.
  • Publicise the fact police must be informed FGM is likely/has occurred – not social care only.
  • Use The Sharan Project as signposting in Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s safeguarding resources.
  • Disseminate new learning today to senior management in the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. 
NHS Share all of the information today to my colleagues.To keep up to date with current practice.To continue to attend additional training.To always remember the ‘one chance rule’ which will definitely change my practice.
Willow House Nursery Support all girls to have the same rights as men.

Support the rights of girls and women to have the same goals, hopes and dreams as their male peers. 

Prospects (Connexions Bradford)

Ensure that I explore all possible issues with the vulnerable young people that I support and ensure that where FGM, Honour Abuse & issue of Forced Marriage are identified.  I will work closely with partner agencies to ensure that the young person is fully protected and is not left isolated and unsupported after the crisis/intervention period.

Connect Housing

Support the fight against FGM and child abuse which is on the increase, especially after listening to all the speakers today.  

Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board

Review the information on the Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board website on FGM/Forced Marriage/HBV and ensure this is as relevant & up to date as possible.

I will be linking through to the Integrate Bristol, The Sharan Project & Forward Charity websites.

I will also be considering public awareness raising opportunities for KSCB including our, joint with Calderdale & Adults Safeguarding, Safeguarding week.

I came specifically today as though I have been delivering Forced Marriage training for years.  I will be expanding this course to cover HBV so I will also be doing this.


Take all this knowledge & information forward into my daily work & out into the community. 

To work towards safeguarding supporting all victims of abuse & be their voice if need be. 

Most importantly giving all victims “choice” to reach their own decision with the advice & options I have given them. 

So often the “choice” is taken away from victims. 

“Believe, listen, support, advise, “choice”. 

Domestic Violence Services

To help raise awareness & support Girl Summit to end child, early & forced marriage & female genital mutilation.

I will pass on the information I have gained today to others.

Raise awareness of FGM all other forms of abuse towards women and children.  Help campaign to implement support for anyone who does then come forward.

 Abbey Grange Academy

Raise awareness of these issues in our school to both students and staff.

Work in collaboration with other agencies as we already do for all safeguarding concerns.

Domestic Violence Services

Continue to empower women within a multiagency approach as currently do.  Keeping our organisation updated with any relevant changes. 

Victim Support To listen, hear and respond to victims and empower them to become survivors. I will work with all agencies to help educate and eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls.
Bradford District Care Trust Take the information from today and share with my school asking colleagues to enhance their practice. 
Behind Closed Doors Do whatever I can to help in whichever way possible.

To continue to help individuals that are faced with danger of any shape or form.


Support anyone I talk to in any issues they have in relation to FGM etc.  I will work to help change the enforcement of law in this area to make sure more prosecutions are made and more victims are protected.  

 Lapage Primary School

Help achieve the goals – committing to end child and early FGM’s and forced marriages.

St Joseph’s Primary

Share my learning with probation colleagues and staff at the school where I am a governor to increase awareness. 

The Children’s Society

Disseminate the information from today with colleagues.

Commit to further research (self-guided learning) via websites, reports etc about all topics covered today.

Brackenhill Primary Raise awareness of staff in school and introduce a protocol to support & guide staff. 
NHS Leeds Community As a health-care professional…

Request permission to display posters within schools & the Health Centre I work in regarding gender violence, FGM, CSE to stimulate local thought & discussion.

  • I will endeavour to keep young people at the heart of service planning/design, with regards to the services they use/access.
  • I will encourage colleagues & the schools I work within to highlight & lobby these topics.
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Support colleagues in helping them to gain more understanding around FGM, family based honour with the knowledge I have gained today. 

 Wakefield Council Continue to support vulnerable people to protect them.
Bradford District Care Trust To share at my work place the information shared and learnt today to other Mental Health Teams & A&E Department & with other agencies I am involved with. 
Leeds City Council

Speak out loud about FGM, Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage.

Leeds City Council Support children & women to ‘see the light’. 
Hand-in-Hand – Children’s Society Raise awareness and continue to educate myself.
Safe Hands Project – Children’s Society To educate myself and to continue to raise awareness. 
National Probation Service

Consider that being racist would be to do to a black/Asian girl what I would do for a white girl.

Ashgreen Primary School Tell lots of people what I have learnt. 
Fearney Lee Primary

Open my eyes and ears to the children and families I work with and ask difficult questions when needed.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Raise the profile of all issues throughout the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Mid Yorkshires NHS Trust
  • Protect
  • Educate
  • Spread the word
  • Be proud of all these girls, women and men standing up and help others to do same.
Bradnet Share the information with other colleagues and other organisations. I will look more into these areas by doing my own research to widen my knowledge.Look at ways to make appropriate changes within the organisation and training staff, raising awareness amongst client group. 
Tracks Education

Keep working to identify and report anything I feel is abusive against girls to the relevant agencies.

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Act on my gut feelings and any instance where I believe or suspect FGM, HBV and child grooming is being planned, taking place or has been done previously.  

Also share this information within the organisation that I work in. 

City Healthcare Partnership Increase education in our local area about FGM.
St John’s RC Primary School

Raise more awareness in school by sharing what I have learned with other staff members. 

Bradford Youth Development Partnership

Take action to ensure that all issues of violence against women are of high agenda within our organisation (and city where possible).

Calderdale Council

Raise the issues of FGM, Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence with schools in Calderdale.  As Schools Safeguarding Advisor I see it as my responsibility, along with Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board, to get these issues being talked about, high on agendas and most importantly for individuals working in schools to identify children at risk and do something about it. 

Surestart BHT

Make sure that I act ‘immediately’ in response to any person who seeks help to escape abuse in any shape or form.

I will also be including information made in various training courses which I deliver to families as part of my working role.

Surestart BHT

To share information immediately and do not wait as time can be crucial, ask questions and be honest when supporting parents/families.  

I am responsible to safeguard all women/children. 

Healey School

Pay more attention to the Mothers and children in my school.  To receive training to enable me to support and offer advice to the families at my school/other schools and the communities.  Healey School is committed to its families and endeavours to protect them all.

Connect Housing Make my work place aware and to spread the word about the different agencies and networks available for assistance. 
Women’s Housing Action Group (WHAG) Keep challenging attitudes of inequality and to encourage others to do the same
Women’s Housing Action Group (WHAG) Take all the knowledge I have learnt and put it into practice. 
Domestic Violence Services

Work towards ending child, early and forced marriage, FGM and all violence against women and abuse of their human rights.  Continue to give 100% to my job of domestic violence support worker.

To raise awareness of abuse issues at a community level.

Whitcliffe Mount School 

Be vigilant and proactively support the right of all to informed choice.

Where I feel someone needs help to voice their fears, to listen and to act. 

The South Leeds Academy

Raise awareness with colleagues I work with and students and to continue to use my knowledge to help identify vulnerable young girls at risk of FGM, Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriages.

Bradford Safeguarding Children Board

Include resources from various projects learnt about in the session on multi-agency training to spread the word to a wide range of professionals to recognise their role in supporting and safeguarding victims.  To encourage local young people in my area to campaign and lead on issues like the project we heard about today. 

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Take these messages into training.  Challenge and educate people everywhere, speak up and speak out.

Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board

Raise public and professional awareness of FGM an associated issues via safeguarding training: contributions at meetings and input into local guidance/procedures; learning events; information on CSCB website. 

Halifax Opportunities Trust

Work with organisations and individuals to end all forms of abuse and empower victims of abuse to come forward and support them or signpost them to enable them to access the help they need.

West Yorkshire Police

Continue to be vigilant in looking for all signs of abuse.  Take positive action and share information with relevant agencies. 

The Edge

Continue as a survivor of child abuse and sexual exploitations.  To raise awareness and prevent this happening to others.  Also linking all forms of sexual violence to women and girls.