Fertility Law for Lesbian Mothers


In certain situations, you may wish for the child’s father to play a role in the child’s life, with the sperm donor either sharing the responsibility of parenthood with you or the child knowing the identity of their father.

The legal status of the child’s father will depend on your family’s circumstances. The law in this area is complicated and we would strongly recommend that you seek specialist legal advice before entering into such an arrangement.

If you are entering into an arrangement whereby you share parenting, it is very important that you establish a clear agreement in an attempt to avoid any future disputes.

Most commonly disputes arise when families have failed to make it clear what role each person will assume once the child is born.

Sperm Donation

Known Donor: If you donate to a known recipient / use a known recipient, there is an advantage in that you will have more information about your donor than you would using a sperm bank donor.

However, it is important that you understand the potential implications of using a known donor and the legal status of that donor.

For more information about the implications of using a known donor, please contact our specialist team.

Unknown Donor: If you are considering using an unknown donor, it is important to understand what information will be available to your child.

For more information about a child’s right to information about their donor, please contact our specialist team.