Children Negotiation

Caring for children during conflict is never easy and deciding how their time is to be split between you, your ex partner or family member can be very difficult and painful. Makin Dixon offer a specialist service to support the process of organising who takes care of your children on a day to day basis, together with their contact with non-resident parents and extended family members.

If you need to organise when the children will see their other parent or extended family then Makin Dixon Family Law specialists can help. Makin Dixon offer a fixed fee package for £250 + VAT in relation to negotiation of residence and contact.

What do I get for my money?

The Children Negotiation Package

We will liaise with you directly in order to draft proposals that will best benefit you and most importantly, your children. You will speak with a specially trained family specialist who will gather all of the information required in order to draft correspondence to your ex-partner or family member. Your proposals for the children will be put forward in a clear and concise manner, free from legal jargon to your ex partner or family member and any response received will be forwarded to you. A schedule of agreed proposals will then be provided to you summarising the agreed points and any areas of outstanding disagreement.

Taking it further

Once a schedule of agreed proposals has been drafted, you may wish to formalise that agreement in the form of a Children Agreement. Makin Dixon offer a fixed price package for this. It is often of enormous benefit to your children, you and your ex partner or family member to have the arrangements detailed in a formal document so that the children know exactly when they will see the family member and provide stability and routine in unsettling and confusing times. Please see the Children Agreement section for further details.

Other Options

It may be that at the same time as wishing to agree arrangements for your children, that you decide you can no longer tolerate living with your husband/wife/partner and wish to separate from them or commence divorce/dissolution of a civil partnership proceedings. We offer a fixed fee service for all of these options that it cheap, effective and client friendly.

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