Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility is defined as all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority of a parent. If you have Parental Responsibility for a child, you have the authority to act as a parent. Mothers automatically acquire Parental responsibility; Father’s who are married acquire responsibility and non married father’s can acquire parental responsibility by marrying the mother or being put on a child’s birth certificate, or by entering  a Parental Responsibility agreement with the Mother.

As part of our Parental Responsibility fixed fee package our team of expert family lawyers will advise you as to how you may obtain Parental Responsibility and provided that everyone that has Parental Responsibility agrees, we will draft a Parental Responsibility Agreement on your behalf and register the same with the High Court.

What will I get for my money?

As part of our Parental Responsibility Package, for a fixed fee of £300 + VAT you will get a 30 minute telephone consultation with one of our specialist family lawyers who will then be assigned to your case. You will be provided with initial advice as to Parental Responsibility, who has it and how it can be obtained. We will then take all the necessary details from you to allow us to draft a Parental Responsibility Agreement on your behalf. We will advise you as to how the Agreement is to be witnessed and we will correspond directly with the child’s mother and with the Family Division of the High Court. To conclude matters, we will provide you with a copy of the Agreement endorsed by the Court to evidence that you share Parental Responsibility with the child’s mother.

Please note that this package is only suitable if you have reached an agreement with the child’s mother that you are to enter into a Parental Responsibility Agreement. If an agreement has not been reached, we can offer assistance as part of our Children Negotiation Package.

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