Separation Agreement

If you and your spouse or civil partner have separated but you are not yet ready for a divorce or dissolution then we can help you.

A Separation Agreement is something that couples use when they want to divide their assets and finances, but they are unsure a divorce is the right course of action to take. It is generally used when a couple are unsure about their future and it allows them to settle important issues without going to court.

Separation Agreements are the best way of ensuring that your needs are respected, and if the terms of your separation agreement are violated, you are able to take your partner to court as a breach of contract. With this in mind, the Separation Agreement needs to be carefully drawn up within the confines of the law.

Provided that you have agreed that you will separate and you have agreed how you will deal with your finances, we can draft an agreement for you that provides for maintenance, division of property and what you intend to do with your joint bank accounts.

We offer an online fixed fee package where we will draft a separation agreement for £450 + VAT with absolutely no hidden fees! We will draft the agreement for you and send it out to the other party for their signature before returning the completed document for you.

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