Domestic Abuse

We specialise in making urgent applications to the court for non-molestation order injunctions. We offer our clients emergency appointments in order to deal with the matter immediately and effectively. If you have been assaulted, threatened, mentally abused or harassed by your partner or anyone else we can help take the right immediate and long term steps to resolve the problem.

When you are suffering from domestic abuse the most important thing is to ensure that you are protected. Furthermore if you have children living in the same house it becomes even more important for you and the welfare of the children for the abuse to stop. Whilst ringing the police is the first call for most people, the majority of the time they can only provide temporary measures unless the abuse becomes serious.

In order for you to get protection that lasts, you will require an injunction non-molestation order against the individual responsible for the violence

Remember that you do not have to suffer physical violence to obtain legal protection. If you are being harassed or verbally or mentally abused then you are still able to apply to the court for protection.

Please do call if this is an issue that affects you. We have compassionate advisors on hand who are experienced in dealing with these types of matters.

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