Fertility Treatment Law

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) regulates UK donor conception treatment.

Donation services are provided by many UK fertility clinics, which match recipients and donors and provide fertility treatment services.

If you are using a UK Fertility clinic, you should ensure that the clinic has an HFEA licence.

Clinics will either recruit their own egg or sperm donors in the UK or buy in donated eggs or sperm from other clinics and sperm banks (which might be in the UK or abroad).

There are also various donor-matching websites in the UK which introduce donors and recipients, who then make their own conception arrangements – either at home (in sperm donation cases), or via a clinic in the UK or abroad.

It is important to understand both the donor’s and the child’s information rights following donor conception and we would strongly recommend that you seek specialist legal advice before beginning any fertility treatment.

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