Fertility & Parenting Law

Makin Dixon is a forward thinking firm helping modern families to get legal advice and assistance.

At Makin Dixon we have members of staff who specialise in Fertility and Parenting Law. We have children panel membership and our staff have many years of experience of dealing with matters relating to children.

We can provide advice on the following areas:

  1. Surrogacy in the UK.
  2. International Surrogacy.
  3. Co-Parenting & Donor Conception.
  4. Adoption & Parental Rights.
  5. Fertility Treatment Law.
  6. Fertility Law for Gay Dads.
  7. Fertility Law for Lesbian Mums.
  8. What to do if someone changes their mind?

Whatever your situation, we can assist you to understand your legal rights and the legal implications for you and your family.

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