Care Proceedings

If your Local Authority Social Services Department warn you that your children may be removed from your care, you should take legal advice straight away.  If your child is being taken into care, or there are problems within the family which mean that care proceedings look likely, you will need the best legal advice. Our team of childcare experts have extensive experience of dealing with care proceedings, representing both parents and children and working with all parties to get the best possible result for the child or children involved.

We can also advise extended family members as to what they can do to ensure that they are assessed by social services as carers for children whose parents are not able to look after them in order that the child or children may remain within the family.

If there are emergency proceedings regarding your children where social services have applied to take your child into care we can see you extremely quickly and represent you at court under the legal aid scheme.

We have solicitors who are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel which means that they are specialists in representing children and parents involved in care proceedings.

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