In 2010, UK law was amended to enable gay dads to apply to the Court to be named together on their surrogate child’s birth certificate. Despite this, a number of gay dads will still choose to find a surrogate aboard.

The law relating to international surrogacy is extremely complex and we would strongly recommend that you seek specialist legal advice before entering into an international surrogacy agreement.


Commonly, gay dads will enter into an arrangement with a woman to conceive a child together.

If you are entering into such an arrangement, it is very important that you establish a clear agreement in an attempt to avoid any future disputes.

Most commonly disputes arise when families have failed to make it clear what role each person will assume once the child is born.

Sperm Donation

Known Donor:  If you donate to a known recipient / use a known recipient, the law is complicated and how the law will apply will depend on the individual circumstances of your case.

For more information about the implications of using a known donor, please contact our specialist team.

Unknown Donor: Unknown donors will have no legal/financial responsibility for the child. However, it is possible for the child to obtain details of their donor once they reach the age of 18 years old.

For more information about a child’s right to information about their donor, please contact our specialist team.

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